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St Piran’s Day 2011 @ Redruth Videos

Events and Social News, Headlines / Thursday 10 March 2011

St Piran’s Day in Redruth this year was a resounding success! Congratulations to all those who took part: the dancers, the singers, the musicians, the stall-holders, the cooks, the stewards, the police, the rugby players, the bar staff, the battle reenactors, the organisers and everyone else who came together to make it such a special day – not least the crowds of people enjoying the Cornish sunshine!

For those of you wishing to re-live some of the St Piran’s festivities there’s now a couple of YouTube videos for you.

Firstly there’s St Piran’s Day highlights video featuring RedYouth, the parade and some choice rugby highlights amongst other things.

Secondly, there’s a more complete match highlights for the Redruth v Stourbridge game as well.

Both videos are available in higher resolutions on YouTube, or by clicking on the ’360p’ tab in the bottom bar once the video has started. Full-screen mode is available by clicking on the icon in the bottom-right corner – if you’ve got a fast internet connection then coupling this with HD resolution might be your best bet!

If you want St Piran’s Day to be marked in this fashion every year rather than just if it’s the weekend, then don’t forget to sign the petition to make St Piran’s Day a Cornish holiday!

Also, don’t forget that there’s a set of St Piran’s Day photos here, and make sure to set a date next year for the 5th March yet again. See you there!